Wanda - 084 057 3042

Barry - 084 619 3666




59 Stubbs Street




Order Value Up to R349-00 R 200.00
Order Value R350-00 to R549-00 R 250.00
Order Value R550-00 to R649-00 R 300.00
Order Value R650-00 to R849-00 R 400.00
Order Value R850-00 to R1049-00 R 500.00
Order Value R1050-00 to R1199-00 R 600.00
Order Value R1200-00 to R1399-00 R 700.00
Order Value R1400-00 to R1599-00 R 800.00
Order Value R1600-00 to R1799-00 R 900.00
Order Value R1800-00 to R2500-00 R 1,000.00












Wanda - 084 057 3042 

Barry - 084 619 3666



59 Stubbs Street, Randfontein, 1759

TAB001 Trestles (75cm x 1.80m) (6-8 seater) R 30.00    
TAB003 Cake (90cm) (4 seater) R 30.00    
TAB004 Kiddies (4 seater) R 17.00    
CHR001 White / Black (without arms) R 8.00    
CHR002 Kiddies R 6.00    
LIN001 Rectrangular - Standard lenght (1.50m x 2.50m) - White or Black Colour: R 20.00    
LIN002 Round - Standard length (2.40m) - White or Black Colour: R 40.00    
LIN003 Rectrangular - Standard Lenght (1,60m x 2,60m) - White or Black Colour: R 30.00    
LIN004 Round - Standard length (2.40m) - White or Black Colour: R 55.00    
LIN006 Overlays Organza  (1.50m x 1.50m)  Colour: R 17.00    
LIN009 Runners Organza (50cm x 2.50m) Colour: R 17.00    
LIN017 Tie Backs Organza (30cm x 2.50m) Colour: R 6.00    
LIN011 White or Black Colour:
Please note:  Chair covers are made from stretch material and will fit our chairs 100%.  Pull covers over the chair and down to the floor.  Do not stretch the covers under the chairs feet.  This cause damage to the covers and damaged covers will be charged at replacement cost.
R 10.00    
LIN012 Kiddies - White or Black Colour:  R 7.00    
LIN021 White / Black (1.50m x 10m) Colour: R 80.00    
CRO001 Dinner plates R 1.30    
CRO002 Side plates R 1.30    
CRO003 Dessert bowls R 1.30    
CRO016 Glass dessert bowls R 1.30    
CRO004 Soup plate R 1.30    
CRO005 Soup mugs R 1.30    
CRO006 Soup mug plate / holder R 1.30    
CRO007 Salt and Pepper sets R 6.00    
CRO009 Ashtrays R 2.00    
CRO010 Ramekins - Large R 1.30    
CRO011 Ramekins - Small R 1.30    
CRO012 Soya bowls - Large R 1.30    
CRO013 Soya bowls - Medium R 1.30    
CRO014 Soya bowls - Small R 1.30    
CRO015 Soya bowls - X Small R 1.30    
CUT001 Dinner knives R 1.30    
CUT002 Dinner forks R 1.30    
CUT003 Soup spoons R 1.30    
CUT004 Dessert spoons R 1.30    
TEA005 Teaspoons R 1.30    
CUT005 Steak knives with black handles R 1.30    
CUT006 Butter knives  R 1.30    
CUT007 Cake forks R 1.30    
CUT008 Milkshake spoons R 1.30    
CUT009 4 Piece Cheese Knife Set R 15.00    
UND001 Silver/Gold/ Bronze/Red/Brown - Colour: R 8.00    
UND006 LP's - Black R 4.00    
GLA001 Champagne glasses - Flute  (200ml) R 1.30    
GLA018 Kiddies cold drink glasses R 1.30    
GLA019 Wine - all purpose R 1.30    
GLA002 White Wine glasses R 1.30    
GLA003 Red Wine glasses R 1.30    
GLA004 Hi-Ball glasses (240ml) R 1.30    
GLA005 Zombie glasses (350ml) R 1.30    
GLA006 Beer glasses  (350ml) R 1.30    
GLA007 Whiskey glasses R 1.30    
GLA008 Sherry glasses (30ml) R 1.30    
GLA017 Martini Glasses R 4.00    
GLA009 Single Shooter glasses (30ml) R 1.30    
GLA010 Double Shooter glasses (60ml) R 1.30    
GLA011 Double Tequila glasses (70ml) R 1.30    
GLA012 Nectar glasses (55ml) R 1.30    
GLA013 Milkshake glasses R 1.30    
GLA014 Carafe R 5.50    
GLA015 Jugs (1.3l) R 8.00    
GLA016 Punch bowl set (includes 12 cups) R 30.00    
COO001 Wine coolers - Silver  R 25.00    
COO002 Stands for wine coolers - Silver R 10.00    
COO003 Ice buckets - Silver R 25.00    
COO004 Oval zink bath R35.00    
COO005 Ice tongs R 7.00    
COO006 Cork screws R 7.00    
COO007 Waiter's trays R 15.00    
COO008 Glass Beverage dispensers with lid and spout (5l) R 30.00    
  TEA TIME      
TEA001 Tea Cups and Saucers (per set) R 3.00    
TEA016 Coffee Cups and Saucers (per set) R 3.00    
TEA005 Teaspoons R 1.30    
TEA002 Espresso / mocca cups and saucers (per set) R 3.00    
TEA003 Cappuchino cups and saucers (per set) R 3.00    
TEA004 Coffee Mugs R 3.00    
TEA006 Teapots R 15.00    
TEA008 Sugar bowls R 6.00    
TEA009 Sachet holders R 6.00    
TEA010 Milk jugs R 6.00    
TEA011 Jam spoons R 2.50    
TEA012 Sugar tongs R 2.50    
TEA013 Sugar spoons R 2.50    
TEA014 Wedding cake knife and lifter R 10.00    
TEA015 Cake lifters R 7.00    
URN001 8l Urn +/- 30 cups R 60.00    
  CAKE STAND      
CAK001 Cake stands R 20.00    
CAK002 Cupcake stands - White or Black Colour: R 10.00    
CAK003 Easel (1m) R 80.00    
MIR001 Mirrors (20cm round) R 20.00    
MIR002 Mirrors (30cm round) R 25.00    
MIR003 Mirrors (40cm round)  R 30.00    
MIR004 Mirrors (50cm round)  R 35.00    
MIR005 Mirrors (60cm round)  R 40.00    
MIR006 Mirrors (80cm round) R 45.00    
PLA001 Platters - Oval (50cm) R 28.00    
PLA002 Platters - Round (40cm) R 28.00    
PLA003 Platters - Pizza (30cm) R 15.00    
PLA004 Bowls - Salad 10 Portions (20cm) R 10.00    
PLA005 Bowls - Salad 30 Portions (25cm) R 15.00    
PLA006 Bowls - Salad 50 Portions (30cm) R 18.00    
PLA007 Casserols R 20.00    
PLA009 Gravy boats (250ml) R 15.00    
PLA010 Gravy spoons R 3.00    
PLA011 Bowls - Dip/Snack/Peanut R 2.50    
SER003 Pyrex - Medium (20cm x 35cm) R 15.00    
SER004 Pyrex - Large (23cm x 40cm) R 20.00    
SER005 Serving spoons R 6.00    
SER006 Salad sets (Fork and Spoon) R 9.00    
SER007 Meat tongs R 6.00    
SER008 Bread knives R 6.00    
SER009 Serving soup spoons R 6.00    
SER010 Chef torch R 20.00    
SER011 Catering forks R 6.00    
SER012 Catering spoons R 6.00    
SER013 Catering egg lifters R 6.00    
SER014 Braai tongs R 6.00    
SER015 Hottray R 75.00    
SER016 Chaffer Dishes (8.5l) + includes 2 Flaz + either 1 full or 2x1/2 insert R 120.00    
SER017 Full inserts -(L53xD33xd7) (6l) additional R 45.00    
SER018 1/2 inserts -(L27xW33xD7) additional R 35.00    
SER019 Chaffing fuel - for sale R 50.00    
SER025 Meat Fondue + 6 Forks R 50.00    
SER026 Olive forks (2 in set) R 3.50    
CHA001 2 Point Chandeliers R 25.00    
CHA002 Candlestand (XL) R 40.00    
CHA003 3 Point Candelier with glass candel bowls R 16.00    
CHA004 5 Point Candelier with glass candel bowls R 22.00    
CHA005 Glass candle stands - 250mm R 16.00    
CHA006 Glass candle stands - 300mm R 22.00    
CHA007 Glass candle stands - 400mm R 27.00    
CHA008 Candle bowls (L) - Clear / Frosted / Blue / Red / Orange / Pink Colour: R 6.00    
CHA009 Candle bowls (S) - Clear / Blue / Red / Orange / Pink Colour: R 2.50    
CHA010 Lanterns (40cm x 40cm) R 50.00    
CHA011 Bird Cages (35cm x 30cm) R 40.00    
  VASES & STANDS      
VAS001 H:17cm X D:8cm R 9.00    
VAS002 H:28cm X D:8cm R 12.00    
VAS003 H:20cm X D:15cm R 13.00    
VAS004 H:40cm X D:10cm R 17.00    
VAS005 H:30cm X D:12cm R 17.00    
VAS006 H:30cm X D:12cm R 17.00    
VAS007 H:50cm X D:10cm R 22.00    
VAS008 H:70cm X D:20cm R 55.00    
VAS009 H:15cm X D:15cm R 8.50    
LIG001 Paraffin lamps R 12.00    
LIG002 Bamboo Lanterns R 12.00    
LIG003 Fairy Lights ( Batteries included) R 30.00    
OTH001 Popcorn machine R 300.00    
OTH002 Smoke machine + fog liquid R 300.00    
OTH003 Bubble machine + bubble liquid R 300.00    


Small Combo : R450-00

30 Plates

30 Knives

30 Forks

30 Hi Ball Glasses

30 Chairs

3 Tables


Refundable deposit:  150-00


Medium Combo : R900-00

50 Plates

50 Side Plates

50 Knives

50 Forks

50 Hi Ball Glasses

50 Champagne

5 Jugs

50 Chairs

5 Tables


Refundable deposit:  R200-00


Combo deals are subject to availability.

No cancellations or reduction in quantities will be accepted.

Items on combo deals, may not be changed or replaced by other items.



  • A deposit (as per quote) will secure the booking.    

  • All orders must be confirmed 48 hours before collection / delivery date.  

  • A 10% cancellation fee will be charged on all cancellations.

  • Cancellations on the day of hiring will forfeit the total deposit.

  • No cancellations for goods sub-hired.

  • Goods and quantities must be checked by yourself and discrepancies must be reported before leaving the premises.

  • On return all items will be checked in your presence and shortages or damages of what so ever nature will be charged for and no substitutions are allowed.

  • When the customer is not present on collecting or the returning of goods, the client must accept the count of the owner.

  • Linen can be returned dirty, but dry.

  • All other items must be cleaned and washed or else a 20% cleaning fee will be charged minimum of R150-00.

  • No goods will be released without proper original identification and proof of address.  Photo's will be taken on collection.

  • Payment in cash or EFT - sorry no cheques.

  • A copy of ID / drivers license to be submitted with final settlement.

  • Account to be settled in full before any items will be released.

  • Prices subject to availability and can change without notice.

  • Any deliveries or collections done by us must be arranged the day before.